Saturday, 14 December 2013


I guess I should start things off with a warm hello and welcome to my blog.
I'm not new to the blogging world by any means; truth be told I had a fairly successful blog which I ended up deleting a few weeks ago due to some privacy issues and the fact that I wasn't completely happy with it. 
So here I am, starting again, hoping that this new 'baby' of mine will be exactly how I envision it to be.

What to expect from This and That I hear you ask?

The answer is plain and simple:
 a mix of this and that; bits and bobs that tickle my fancy.
There will most definitely be a generous dose of fashion and beauty, a sprinkle of lifestyle here and there, some 'mummy-ness' from time to time and whatever the heck I feel like writing about really!

I hope you are as excited as I am about this new blogging chapter I am about to embark upon and I look forward to connecting, even reconnecting with some of you.


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  2. Never knew you had a blog before this! Did you find it hard/sad to start over or you glad for the fresh start?