Saturday, 29 March 2014

OOTD| It's a wrap

Dress: Izabel from Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: H&M

Just a quick one to show you what I wore last night. I felt like getting a bit dolled up for dinner so I did!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Events| Bloggers Fashion Week Day 1

Last night saw the start of Bloggers Fashion Week, organised by the lovely people at Bloggers Love. The theme for the event was summer garden chic; so dressed in our finest florals, my bestie and I ventured into Leicester Square to participate in the fashion festivities.
When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the staff and directed to mingle with other bloggers and view the collections on display. The music and atmosphere was electric with camera flashes illuminating the room. There was also a trove of beautiful items for sale including jewellery, clothing, bags, hats and even false lashes all with a 30% discount.

I made the biggest blogging error by not coming equipped with my notebook (or bloody business cards) to jot down all the brands I snapped, however my handbag full of business cards will allow me to investigate later.

I was a little disappointed with the fashion show though and despite the models doing a fabulous job, I was quite underwhelmed with the actual fashion. However, there were a few dresses that would fit nicely into my work wardrobe. 
All in all it was a lovely night and a fantastic effort from the people at Bloggers Love. Unfortunately I'm not able to make it tonight or tomorrow but I am looking forward to next year's which I'm sure will be bigger and better. 

*On a side note, I was absolutely gutted because my 'good' camera was being a brat and has lost all of the pictures I took with it.* 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Shopping| Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I do love Mother's day because it's a day when I can really show my appreciation for my Mum, who happens to be amazing! I also love it because I'm a Mum myself and I won't lie, I'm in it for the gifts lol!
Here are just a few ideas for those of you who are unsure of what to get the Mums in your life, particularly those who don't really like the typical chocolate, flowers or perfume:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

These are certainly the type of gifts I know my Mum would love and I would too. I hope this has helped a little.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beauty| The Perfect nude lipstick

Finding an affordable nude lipstick that is suitable for your skin tone is a difficult task, even more so when you're a black woman.
I stumbled across this Coffee Craze colour part of the Maybelline Color Stripped Nude collection and I'm happy to announce that I think I've found the perfect affordable nude lipstick suitable for us brown girls!
It is the perfect blend of golden brown, yellow and a hint of bronze which compliments the yellow undertones in my skin perfectly. The lipstick is neither matte nor high shine and the formula is creamy and moisturising leaving your lips hydrated.

I'm still on the hunt for more affordable nudes to add to my collection so suggestions are welcome.
Have you tried any of the Maybelline Color Stripped Nude collection yet?

Saturday, 22 March 2014

OOTD| Almost Ankara

Dress: Primark
Jacket: Asda
Tights: Primark
Boots: Soletrader
Jewellery: Vintage gold
I immediately thought of the African fabric ankara when I spotted this dress is Primark. It reminded me of one of the many cloths my Grandma uses as a head scarf.
It really was love at first, considering I only went into Primark to get a sports bra which I completely forgot to buy in the end due to the gorgeous distraction.

Time (and the kids) was good to me this morning and allowed me to get a bit dolled up to run a few errands in town. As I was out and about I quickly realised the dress is a tad too short on me so I will be wearing it with leggings instead of tights in future. I had way too many 'Marilyn' moments!

Despite wearing these boots to death in the winter, these boots still look and feel almost new. That's one of the many reasons I prefer to invest in leather boots as they last ages and can often look better the older they get.

Anyways, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day by taking my little ones to the park.
Hope you have a lovely day xXx

Friday, 21 March 2014

OOTD| Uniform

Hat: eBay
Jacket and Leggings: George @ Asda
Top and sandals: Primark
Everyone has that one outfit they gravitate towards and since going on maternity leave this has been it, well a version of it as I have quite a few versions. The way I see it, you simply can't go wrong with black leggings, a trusty tee and a faux leather biker jacket. Apart from the gym which requires workout gear, the only daily outing I have is the school run and comfort is key when traipsing uphill with a temperamental buggy and hyperactive 5 year old. This look however, was a slightly jazzed up version of my 'uniform' as I was meeting a friend for coffee after the morning drop off. I swapped my battered Vans that I usually wear for caged gladiator sandals and I popped on a fedora because I just couldn't be bothered to do anything to my braids.

Now let's take a moment to take a closer look at this amazeballs biker jacket that I spotted in Asda.

Seriously, isn't it just amazing? Unfortunately the picture doesn't really do it much justice but it really is a fabulous jacket. Not to mention it only cost £30! 
Since purchasing it a few days back I've literally abandoned my other two bikers and have worn this one almost everyday.
I'm officially in LOVE! lol.

What does your uniform consist of?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Wishlist| Warehouse

Since becoming a mum and hitting my mid-twenties I've found that I've outgrown a lot of the High Street shops I used to love. Being a teacher doesn't help things either as my students are often kitted out in items from these shops putting me off even more.
I think one of my worst nightmares would be to turn up to school with the same outfit as one of the kids!!!
Warehouse however, (which has always been one of my favourite High Street shops) seems to have matured with me and caters to the still youthful and sexy me, but in a more sophisticated and subtle way.
Anywho, whilst perusing their website over the weekend I stumbled across a few gems that I hope will be joining my wardrobe in the near future.

Warehouse Wishlist

The floral playsuit is my absolute favourite piece, closely followed by the denim midi skirt. 
In fact I loved and wanted everything on the site!

What's your favourite piece?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beauty| Current Favourites

I had wanted to start doing a monthly favourites for ages now but I realised I didn't switch things up often enough to have a different set of favourites to blog about each month. So instead I've decided to start posting about my current favourites every now and again to keep you posted on what I've been loving lately.

Sleek BB Cream Medium
Sleek Liquid Illuminator
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF) deep dark
I recently rediscovered Sleek's BB cream and liquid illuminator whilst shopping my stash and can't for the life of me understand why I stopped using them. I've literally been reaching for these two daily to brighten up my complexion and to cover up imperfections. I love the lightness of the BB cream and the natural finish it provides which I can't seem to get enough of. Mac's MSF was a recent purchase and I'm not quite sure what took me so long. I prefer it to my Mac loose powder which has/was always a staple of mine. Not only does it leave your skin looking flawless, it doesn't leave that cakey artificial look that I find a lot of powders do.

Sleek exaggerate
Avon Mega effects mascara in blackest black
I've been loving purple lips lately and have found myself reaching for this Sleek one, particularly during the day. It is such a pretty purple and compliments my complexion perfectly. I do find it a tad drying although that's easily fixed with a coat of Vaseline.
Unto the bestest mascara in the world; I'm usually not convinced by the mascaras that promise the world, I've always been a firm believer that it's the technique you use not the product that gives you long lustrous lashes, however this mascara right hurrrrrrrr is the shizzzzzz! Seriously, I love this stuff. Shaped like a mini comb, it really does manage to extend your lashes from the root providing great length. Love, love, LOVE!

I'll start off by saying, Instagram made me buy this! This micellar water has featured on practically every blogger's Instagram and I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Luckily I wasn't disappointed at all. This product is uh-ma-zing! It really does what it says on the bottle and gets rid of every last bit of make-up. My skin has been seriously sensitive since giving birth and I started to find that my usual face products were a bit too harsh, however this cleanser has been very gentle on my skin and has left it clean and refreshed. I love the fact that it isn't drying either. 

I can't get enough of Real Techniques brushes. Since purchasing these a few months months back, I haven't used anything else. Despite washing  them a few times, the bristles are still in tact which is a sign of a good quality brush. My powder brush in particular has had the most amount of use and I find that it works especially well with my Mac MSF.

I've been wearing this scent daily since I first got it. I just love it! I get bored of perfumes quite easily, however this has stood the test of time. It's such a soft scent that lingers delicately on your skin, perfect for everyday use. I've actually ordered another one from Avon just to have in case it is discontinued. 
Paranoid much? Lol.

What are your current favourites? 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Personal| Mummy Tag

I've loved reading the 'Mummy Tag' on some of my favourite blogs in the past few weeks so thought it was about time I got involved! 
I am blessed with two gorgeous gorgeous children - a boy Nathaniel who is 5 and a baby girl called Naila who is 9 weeks and 4 days old - so this tag is a fun way to get to know a bit more about me and my life as a mum. So here it goes...

Are you a stay at home mum?
I work full-time but I'm currently on maternity leave so I'm sort of a stay at home mum at the moment.

Would you have it any other way?
Erm, yes and no. I don't think I could function adequately as a stay at home mum but I do love the fact that since I've been on maternity leave I've been able to take my son to school, pick him up each day and attend all his school functions which I haven't been able to do with a full-time job. On the flip side, I love what I do and I'm lucky to have the school holidays off with the kids where I'm able to spend some much needed quality time with them, although I am considering going part-time in the future.

Do you co-sleep? 
No, it's not really something I feel comfortable with. I often let Naila fall asleep on the bed with us then put her in her Moses basket but I'd be too scared to let her sleep with us the whole night.

What is your one must have item for your baby?
Hands down the baby swing! I love it. Whilst Naila is in there I am able to actually get things done around the house and she adores sitting in there listening to its tunes.

How many kids do you plan on having?
Being 1 of 7 myself I'd love to have a massive family and if money was no issue I'd have 4 or 5 but unfortunately I think it's just going to be the 2. Luckily I'm blessed with a boy and a girl but I think I could maybe, just maybe, push for one more in the future.

Date night? How many nights per month?
Not enough at all! Since Naila arrived at the end of December we haven't managed to get out of the house together. We do get a take-away and watch a film every Saturday night so I guess that sort of counts. When she begins to sleep throughout the night and is bottle-fed exclusively I think we'll go out at least once a month.

Your child's favourite show?
Nathaniel loves watching Ben 10 and Johnny Test. Naila is too young to have one but she adores the baby channel and sits there gawking at the images. 

Name one thing you bought before having your baby that you've never used?
When Nathaniel was born we bought the Johnson's baby box with all the bath products and shampoos etc, however we quickly learned that his skin was really sensitive so we couldn't use most of the products which I've since given away. We did get a lot of use out of the box itself though.

Your child's favourite food?
Nathaniel would happily eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner! He loves it.

How many cars does your family have?
2. A car is a necessity when you live in Kent so we both have one. I'm a bit bored of my car now and have actually outgrown it so I'm hoping to get a new one soon. Fingers crossed.

Weight gain before, during, and after pregnancy and now.
This is a sore topic for me lol. Before I was pregnant with Nathaniel I was a size 8-10. I put on 4 stones when I was pregnant with him and only managed to lose 2 stones but was still only a size 12, however, I continued to put on weight and became a size 14 and remained that size till I became pregnant with Naila. I put on 2 stones whilst pregnant with her and have managed to lose most of it but I'm still hoping to lose roughly 3 stones to be my ideal size which will be what I weighed after having Nathaniel. Confused? Lol!
To be honest, I don't really bother with the number on the scale, I go with how my clothes fit and at the moment, my size 14 clothes fit a bit too snuggly which I am not pleased about so I'm currently exercising and watching what I eat.

Dream holiday with your kids?
Disney World of course! I'd love to go myself as I've never been but I know the kids would love it there.

Dream holiday without your kids?
New York. I went when I was 16 and was besotted with the place. I want to experience it as an adult and do all the touristy things with my partner and of course shop till I drop!

How has your life changed since having your baby?
It has given me a sense of purpose and determination, knowing that these little people depend on me to provide for them and look after them. I know it's so corny and such a cliché but they really have made me a better person and I just want to make sure I give them the best life possible. Being a mum is truly an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Finish the sentence...'It melts my heart to see...'
My kids smile or laugh. I love seeing them happy.

Where do you shop for your kids?
Mainly Next or H&M for Nathaniel and M&Co, Sainsbury's, Asda, Next, Mothercare and H&M for Naila. There's more variety when shopping for a girl which I find really frustrating when trying to find nice bits for Nathaniel.

Favourite make-up and skincare products?
I have too many to choose from, however life would not be the same without  Mac's Mineral Skin Finish powder, Boots Botanics cleanser and toner, Rimmel's eyebrow pencil and Avon Arabian Nights bronzer.

Huggies of pampers?
Pampers at the moment although I'm considering changing to a new brand due to the amount of leaks we are having at the moment.

Have you always wanted kids?
Yep, it was never open for debate. Again with the clichés and obscene mushiness but I think that's what I was put on this earth to do.

Best part about being a mum?

I tag every mum who is reading this xxx

OOTD| Black Skater Midi Dress

Dress: Asos
Shoes: Office
Necklace: EBay
Bag: Avon

I do love a skater dress! In fact I loved this Asos version so much that I bought 3 out of the 4 colours it came in. As well as the black, I've got it in navy and dark green. Unfortunately the red was sold out in my size but I do have the shorter version in red from New Look!
Obsessed much? lol. 
What I love most about the skater shape is the way it sits on the smallest part of my waist and flares out at my hips, hiding a multitude of sins. Perfect for covering my post-baby lumps and bumps. The skater dress is also multifunctional and can easily be dressed up or dressed down which is always a pro in my books. I decided to dress it up on this occasion as I was going out for drinks, pairing it with one of my favourite heels, however, as soon as I finished getting 'my Naomi Campbell on' in front of the camera my feet couldn't take much more and I ended up switching into my trusty black converses, giving off a more laid back vibe although my accessories of choice made sure I looked cocktail appropriate.