Friday, 21 March 2014

OOTD| Uniform

Hat: eBay
Jacket and Leggings: George @ Asda
Top and sandals: Primark
Everyone has that one outfit they gravitate towards and since going on maternity leave this has been it, well a version of it as I have quite a few versions. The way I see it, you simply can't go wrong with black leggings, a trusty tee and a faux leather biker jacket. Apart from the gym which requires workout gear, the only daily outing I have is the school run and comfort is key when traipsing uphill with a temperamental buggy and hyperactive 5 year old. This look however, was a slightly jazzed up version of my 'uniform' as I was meeting a friend for coffee after the morning drop off. I swapped my battered Vans that I usually wear for caged gladiator sandals and I popped on a fedora because I just couldn't be bothered to do anything to my braids.

Now let's take a moment to take a closer look at this amazeballs biker jacket that I spotted in Asda.

Seriously, isn't it just amazing? Unfortunately the picture doesn't really do it much justice but it really is a fabulous jacket. Not to mention it only cost £30! 
Since purchasing it a few days back I've literally abandoned my other two bikers and have worn this one almost everyday.
I'm officially in LOVE! lol.

What does your uniform consist of?


  1. I fail to believe that jacket was a) in ASDA and b) thirty quid! It's lovely =)

    Corinne x

  2. I know! I still can't believe it myself! It really is a gorgeous jacket, I wish I got 2 because I know I'm going to wear it to death. X

  3. That biker is wicked!!! Looking hot babes x x