Monday, 21 April 2014

Mummyness| Naila's 3 month update

I still can't believe this little cherub is 3 (and a half) months now! It feels like it was only yesterday that she made her early and rather dramatic entrance into the world. Sometimes I look back at pictures from her early days and can't believe how much she has grown and developed. The last 3 months have been amazing to say the least and I can't wait see more of that cheeky personality shine through.

  • Weight
Naila was 10lbs 11oz when she was weighed at the beginning of the month which is still quite small for a 3 monther. However she was 6 weeks early, so in terms of her own personal growth she's doing really well. I know she has put on more weight since then so she's probably 11lbs plus now.

  • Size
Hooray, she finally fits into all her 0-3 months clothes and some are even becoming tight on her! She had been wearing newborn and upto 1 month items for what seemed like an eternity so she's making fabulous progress. There are a few 3-6 months bits that are starting to fit as well so in a another month or so I'm sure I'll be able to whip them all out. I've already packed all her early/tiny/premature baby gear away *wipes tears away*

  • Personality
The word diva comes to mind when I think of her personality! Although quite a smiley and jovial baby, she can scream the house down at the drop of a hat and give the dirtiest looks when she's not impressed. A bit like me to be honest! Lol

  • Loves
She loves loves loves hot baths. I often wonder whether she's actually a mermaid with her water infatuation. As much as I hate swimming and public pools, I think it's about time I took her. She also loves going out in her buggy which makes the school run a bit more bearable. Her eyes dart in all different directions as she takes in the world around her. 

  • Hates
Naila cannot stand her face, particularly her nose being touched and she goes into full diva mode when this happens. Luckily she doesn't have many hates but I'm sure she won't hesitate to let anyone know if she doesn't like something!

  • Feeding
So the whole breast feeding for 6 months thing that we are advised to do didn't quite happen! However, I'm pretty pleased with myself for getting to the 3 month mark at least, cause God knows I wanted to throw in that towel weeks ago! I started her on formula at 6 weeks, initially only giving her a bottle before bed whilst breast feeding the other times, this has gradually increased and for the last week she's only been having breast if she wakes up during the night. She's currently only having 6oz of milk at the moment which is small in comparison to other babies her age, but I've been assured that it's ok as she's still putting on weight. I've also started to introduce solids into her routine which she's still getting her head around. At the moment she's having baby rice in her milk and fruit too which she loves. 

  • Sleeping
Her sleeping is extremely sporadic. Some days she'll barely nap during the day and sleep throughout the night and other days it's the complete opposite! I'm hoping it'll get better once she's in her cot in her own room as she seems to be distracted in her Moses basket which is in our room.

So that's pretty much it! Look out for her 4 month update which will be up soon, since this post has been gathering dust in my drafts for weeks!

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