Monday, 14 April 2014

Personal| What's in my bag

The way this bag came into my possession was like a scene out of the film Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was the Boxing Day sales and I was in Zara eyeing it up in the hands of another shopper. I could tell she was undecided about the bag and watched her put it down and begin to walk away. I literally sprinted (well waddled as fast as I could) over to it and grabbed it. Realising that she wanted it after all, the lady who I had spied it with turned around and was walking back towards me glaring at the bag that was firmly placed in my hand. Now see if that was me I would have accepted defeat and gone about my business, but no, this particularly woman was furious and demanded I hand the bag to her as she had seen it first. Are you kidding bitch? was the response in my head but I smiled sweetly and told her that unfortunately I wasn't aware of this and have been after said bag for ages and I WOULD be buying it. 
I was heavily pregnant at this point and I'm sure if I wasn't this woman would have caused a massive scene. Lol! 
So now to the contents of my bag:

Make-up bag - I'm really loving make-up at the moment and I'm finding that I wear it most days. My make-up bag consists of my basics such as my powder, concealer, blusher, brushes and few lippies. I've also got some perfume in there and some hand cream. 
Purse - I'm so in love with my purse! I got it for Christmas from the Mister and it really is the best (and most expensive) purse I've ever owned. It houses the obvious: cards, money licence etc...
Phone - I'm actually beginning to hate my iPhone 5 and doubt I'll be getting another iPhone in future. The battery life is shocking. I'm constantly charging it throughout the day. I've had to buy an external power case to get me by, hence the reason my phone looks rather chunky. 
Random pen - I always need a pen and end up accidentally 'inheriting' them wherever I go. They come in so handy especially when I'm overcome with inspiration and need to jot down ideas in my notebook. 
Notebook - In my bid to be more organised this year I decided to get a notebook. I note down blog ideas; to do lists, I doodle and so much more in this book. It comes everywhere with me!

I hope you've enjoyed having a nosey through my bag. xXx


  1. I did enjoy being nosey lol but seriously I love the simplicity and what you said about the IPhone am about to get it but am not a big phone person so I'll hope for the best in terms of battery life and get that chucky thing you spoke of.

    Great post the simplicity is appreciated I love it x

  2. Thanks hun! Glad you liked it. Yes if you do get an iphone I definitely recommend the external powercase. It is a Godsend!