Monday, 12 May 2014

Hair| Current Favourites

I've enjoyed being completely au natural in the hair department these last few weeks and have really gotten to know the needs and wants of my hair. So before I embark on my plans to protective style intensely for the next few months I thought I'd share some of the products and sort of regimen I've been using to maintain and nurture my 4C kinks and coils. 
Quick disclaimer: I've been dealing with a lot of shedding recently due to my post-pregnancy hormones and I've been consciously trying to tackle it. My regimen at the moment is protein heavy which isn't suitable for all hair types. 

1. Cantu Shea Butter hair lotion. My hair is completely besotted with this stuff. It's a lightweight non-greasy moisturiser that leaves my naturally parched hair quenched. I'm quite heavy handed with this product which isn't a bad thing as it leaves my hair moisturised for a few days. I tend to use this a 2-3 times a week.  

2. Dabur Vatika enriched coconut oil. Coconut oil, in my opinion, is a must have in every hair regimen. I've tried various brands in the past and have always been quite happy with them. However, this particular one has changed my life. Lol, dramatic much? It's infused with henna, amla and lemon which help to nourish and protect your hair in various ways. I use this after I've moisturised my hair to seal in the moisture. 

3. Aloe Vera gel. Can you believe I got this gem of a product for 99p? Yep! One of the many reasons I love the 99p shop - sometimes anyway! I use this badboy as I would any gel; to smooth down stray hairs and to fix a style in place. It's doesn't flake which is always a plus.  

4. Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner. My hair can't seem to get enough of protein at the moment. This is an ultra light protein conditioner that also has moisturising properties. I've used it during the past few wash days, alternating between using it as a pre-poo (pre shampoo treatment) and as a deep conditioner. I love how it leaves my hair feeling soft but strong. 

5. Organix Nourishing milk shampoo. The smell of this shampoo is everything! It's another protein enriched product with hints of moisture. I've been using it non-stop lately to help strengthen and to also clean my hair. It cleanses my hair well after only one application and it doesn't completely strip my hair due to the fact that it doesn't contain any sulphates. 

6. ElastaQP DPR-11+ (deep penetrating remoisturizing conditioner). I picked this up without reading the ingredients list and was initially disappointed with the heavy amount of mineral oil and petrolatum it had in it. However, I hate wasting products (and money) so I've been using it. Surprisingly, it's a pretty decent conditioner and I've been using as a prepoo. It leaves my hair impressively moisturised and It didn't have the coated feeling I was expecting. I've since done a lot of research on mineral oils and petrolatum and have learned that it isn't the devil it's been painted as, providing you know how to use it. That's a whole other post in itself lol!

7. Aphogee ProVitamin Leave in Conditioner. The leave-in conditioner of all of leave-in conditioners! I love, love, love this stuff and have recently introduced it to one of my Besties who is equally impressed. No joke-of-a-lie (an old Irish teacher of mine used to say this all the time lol) it feels as if you're spraying liquid strength into your hair. It's another protein packed product that I use after I've washed and deep conditioned my hair. I can't get enough of this stuff!

As mentioned before, I intend to put my hair away for the rest of the year and plan to alternate between braids and weave. This will hopefully combat the shedding I've been experiencing.   
Stay tuned for more hair talk on ze blog, coming soon.


  1. I have been natural for 6 months now and I still not mastered the art if choosing hair products but anything with aloe Vera goes for me x

    1. I know how you feel, it took me ages to figure out the needs of my hair and to figure out a regimen. You'll be a pro in no time! lol X

  2. Great article and may have a try of some of these products as my daughter and I are going natural ( I wear a lot of faux hair) and need a lot of help keeping our hair soft and manageable

    1. Good luck to going natural, I won't lie, it's hard work but definitely worth it in the end. Trial and error is the key to figuring out your hairs needs. X

  3. I really want to try the coconut milk shampoo! great post X


    1. Thank you hun! Yes the shampoo is amazing, I regret not buying the conditioner too. You'll love it, in fact the whole organix range is pretty good. X