Saturday, 19 July 2014

OOTD| Pythagoras

Dress: River Island (really old though)
Sandals: New Look

Don't you just love rediscovering great pieces while shopping in your own wardrobe? I know I do! 
I forgot I even owned this River Island triangle print dress until I stumbled upon it the other day whilst attempting to organise the mess my wardrobe has become. The only thing is, I literally almost pulled a muscle trying to squeeze myself into it as it's a size 12 and I haven't worn that size in a looooong time lol! 
I remember falling in love with the feminine shape of the dress and the quirky print when I bought it for my PGCE graduation back in 2010. For some strange reason I don't recall wearing it much after that so it's still in great condition.
I wore it again a few days back for dinner at the Harvester and due to the satin(ey) material it's made from, I sweated like a pig so I doubt I'll be wearing it much this summer. I'm actually looking forward to wearing it in the winter with thick black tights and ankle boots, a typical Lydia winter look!

And in other random news, I got white shellac on my toes! I've been wanting to try white polish for a while and finally took the plunge last week and got a shellac-pedi. So far I'm loving it despite the boyf calling me TipEx toes!



  1. I Love finding clothes I haven't worn for ages, it adds character :D
    very nice dress it has a nice design!

    Melissa || My Blog

    1. Thank you Melissa, I know what you mean about adding character, especially when it's quite an old piece that's not curretly 'in trend'. X

  2. Love the dress.

    1. Thank you Shannon, I wish it wasn't so hard to get on though lol! X