Saturday, 18 October 2014

Shopping| Statement Necklaces From Ebay

I love nothing more than a statement necklace. Actually, I love nothing more than an inexpensive statement necklace!
With the festive season fast approaching, I was eager to get my hands on a few decorative pieces to jazz up my mostly black Autumn/Winter wardrobe; this naturally led to an extensive search on eBay - my go to haven for all things cheap and cheerful.

I particularly love the ones with the turquoise gems, they instantly inject a bit of colour to my all black ensembles. 
The necklaces were from a seller in China and arrived within 3 weeks, The quality was pretty decent too apart from one which arrived with a missing gem (a new one is on it's way free of charge though), which isn't too bad especially when they were mostly less than three quid each, with the most expensive a whopping £3.55 lol! 
I'm not done though, I'm currently on the hunt for some gorgeous emerald pieces to add to my stash, so watch this space! xXx

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