Saturday, 17 January 2015

OOTD| cosiest

Jumper dress: H&M
Tights: Tesco
Boots: Asos
Bag: Zara
It's official. I hate being cold. I hate having to wear layers and quite frankly I need Spring to hurry up and come. I guess there really is no pleasing me as I'm not really a fan of Summer either. I just can't wait till I can skip on the black tights when picking my morning outfit. Take this jumper dress for example, although it's warm as hell, I could've done without the tights when I wore it out last weekend, but it was just too damn breezy. It really is the cosiest, laziest and cutest thing ever which could have been a tad sexyish minus the tights. But oh well, I take pictures of what I wear not what I'd like to wear (most of the time anyway).
This jumper dress has been hidden in the depths of my ever expanding wardrobe and I managed to dig it out a few weeks back. The leather elbow patches give it a grandadish feel which I love, and the side slits are a playful addition.
My Zara bag was a Black Friday purchase and it has been my faithful everyday bag ever since. It's the perfect size for my everyday bits and bobs and it's flipping cute too!

I plan to do a lot of outfit recycling this year so apologies in advance. There'll be a lot of shopping my closet and mixing and matching which I'm really looking forward to. My wardrobe really is a cyclone of goodies and I need to start making the most of it. 



  1. Love the jumper dress! The colour and length are absolutely perfect :)


    Sade xo

  2. Thank you! It's definitely handy in this freezing weather. X

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! I've been loving jumper dresses lately and this is a lovely one! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles