Wednesday, 18 February 2015

OOTD| Springing

Playsuit: H&M
Tights: Tesco
Boots: New Look
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Dwelling on my imperfections isn't something I am known to do. I'm usually embracing (and parading) my thick thighs and celebrating my lady lumps in all their curvaceous splendour. Yet lately I've become a blubbering mess at the glimpse of my thighs of thunder in my reflection. 
Sick and tired of feeling miserable, I thought 'fudge it' (not quite fudge, but you get my drift) and donned this thigh baring playsuit to celebrate a rather belated Valentine's Day yesterday afternoon. 

Although the sun decided to finally grace us with its presence, it was still bitterly cold, hence the addition of my thick black tights, but that still couldn't kill my vibe. For the first time in long time I felt truly confident and comfortable in my own skin.  

Resting bitch face it's apparently called, the way my expressionless face looks. I think I almost shat myself laughing when that term was used to describe my face. But I kind of see why. Again, another thing I'm learning to embrace. 


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Events| Bluewater Wedding Fair (Picture Heavy)

Last Saturday I attended my first wedding fair of the year, and boy was it interesting! Not only did it confirm that the wedding of my dreams is likely to leave me bankrupt, it also reinforced the need to hurry up and start booking sh!t things if our 2016 wedding is actually going to happen!
It was quite an overwhelming experience to say the least; there was so much to see, so many people to talk to and so many ideas to consider.
Although I'm still clueless as to what I want my wedding to be like, I do have a few ideas and a bag full of possible contacts.

I wasn't inspired by any of the dresses I saw. They were all too 'blingy' and had far too much going on for me. I'm after a more demure vintage-esque number with minimal fuss which I didn't see much of. However, a few were stunning - just not for me.

This was by far my most favourite cake. I love the delicate flower detail and the intricate craftsmanship of it. A definite possibility!

I think Vintage Rustic Glamour is the theme I'm leaning towards. I love how simple and intimate it looks and the fact that it's so inexpensively done. I'm looking forward to having many personal touches added such as pictures, candelabras, withered petals and vintage fabrics draped around the place.

I definitely want some sort of head piece. There were a few pieces I had my eye on but I'm going to wait till I find my dress before I start looking properly and making any decisions.

This Pimms-mobile was truly the highlight of the day. Who doesn't love Pimms? It'll definitely compliment my Vintage Rustic Glamour theme perfectly! 
I've got a few more wedding fairs lined up throughout the year so you'll definitely be kept up to speed on all things wedding planning. I'm looking forward to going dress shopping in the next few weeks with my Maid of Honour so I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed I find THE dress!



Wednesday, 4 February 2015

OOTD| Ripped

Jacket: H&M
Vest: Primark
Jeans: Asos
Trainers: Nike via Offce
Apologies in advance, but this bomber jacket will probably get featured on my blog A LOT! I won't lie, I wear it pretty much every weekend and if I could, I would probably wear it to work daily too but unfortunately I don't think it ticks the smart/office wear dress code box!

I'm being a bit more experimental with my wardrobe at the moment and this look was definitely a bit 'out there' for me. Despite wearing similar items before, I think the bun and the trainers made me look a bit 'This is England-ish'; quite the opposite of the comfy-sleek look that I'm usually drawn towards. 


The quest for the perfect jeans continues of course. Although the fit of these Asos Farleigh slim mom jeans ain't too bad at all, they're still a bit dodgy around the waist; I love them nonetheless. 

And on a weather related note, I'm so over being cold!! I'm looking forward to wearing less layers and adding a few more pastels into the mix. 
I'm sure you are too!