Monday, 2 February 2015

Life| January Roundup

January. What an interesting month it was. 
I started the new year with the best of intentions and even managed to make it through the first few weeks without crumbling under the pressures of life and work. The main thing is, I got through it all; gained some much needed perspective and now I'm feeling a lot more positive, and dare I say, excited about the month of February. 
In an effort to blog more, I decided to introduce a monthly update including and discussing pictures from my blog instagram and my personal one. So here goes the first one! 
1. New Year's day, was full of happiness and cheer. I spent the day with my in laws, donned a fancy floral number and had a lovely day surrounded by the ones I love. 
2. This quote was a much needed note to self. I can only be the best me possible and that is what I strive towards each day.
3. My attempts at being a gym bunny this month failed miserably after week 1. I'll hopefully be back on it this month, if time allows. 
4. My love for Ed Sheeran's album is out of this world! I'm actually obsessed. The song Afire Love touches my soul each time I hear it - and I listen to it multiple times a day. 
5. The men in my life after a much needed trim. Father and son decided to wear matching outfits and take a ridiculous amount of selfies. 
6. My I'm-late-to-work-but-it's-Friday selfie. Lol! The traffic was horrendous that morning but I didn't care, I had my Costa and my tunes! 
7. BFFs. Naila and her Dad are literally best friends and I love this picture which she actually smiled for. 
8. The bestie and I. It was her birthday on the 21st and we went to the Turtle Bay Caribbean restaurant to celebrate. 
9. Last but not least, my main man on his 6th birthday. He had such a good day, topped off with a delicious red velvet cake. 

So February will hopefully be a lot brighter. I'm looking forward to: 
  • Valentine's Day 
  • Half term
  • Redoing my braids 
  • Getting back to regular exercising 
  • Being happy.


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