Wednesday, 18 February 2015

OOTD| Springing

Playsuit: H&M
Tights: Tesco
Boots: New Look
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Dwelling on my imperfections isn't something I am known to do. I'm usually embracing (and parading) my thick thighs and celebrating my lady lumps in all their curvaceous splendour. Yet lately I've become a blubbering mess at the glimpse of my thighs of thunder in my reflection. 
Sick and tired of feeling miserable, I thought 'fudge it' (not quite fudge, but you get my drift) and donned this thigh baring playsuit to celebrate a rather belated Valentine's Day yesterday afternoon. 

Although the sun decided to finally grace us with its presence, it was still bitterly cold, hence the addition of my thick black tights, but that still couldn't kill my vibe. For the first time in long time I felt truly confident and comfortable in my own skin.  

Resting bitch face it's apparently called, the way my expressionless face looks. I think I almost shat myself laughing when that term was used to describe my face. But I kind of see why. Again, another thing I'm learning to embrace. 



  1. Lydia, your figure is absolutely gorgeous and you totally rock this outfit. Body confidence is something I struggle with too, but then I just remember that having a big bum and thick thighs aren't bad things - my legs are big and strong to carry my body, plus no one ever sang about a small bum ;)

    You're fabulous xx

    1. Ahhh thank you so much for the kind comments Jay. Yep, I most certainly have body hang ups which get me down every so often, but you're right, having these things aren't necessarily a bad thing.
      You are also incredibly fabulous, you're literally one of the nicest people I've come across on blogosphere - hopefully I'll get to see you around soon xxx