Friday, 20 March 2015

OOTD| Leather Denim Pony

Jacket: George @ Asda
Vest: Primark
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Office

These boots were certainly not made for walking! As beautiful as they are, they hurt like like a mofo. I've had them hidden amongst my stash for years now and each I time I remember their existence and decide to slip them on, the painful memories come flying back. 
It's so unfortunate though as they are an exquisite pair of boots made from such a stunning pony leather. I remember grabbing them in the Office sale for a mere £30 which was an absolute steal when they were originally £120! I've got them in a black croc version too which I have never worn 
*bows head in shame*

This is as dressed up as I get these days.  Simple does it. A standard skirt and vest top combo is the most amount of effort I'm willing to make. 
I'm making the most of the faux leather garments in my wardrobe whilst I still can. It's not very spring into summer is it? 
On the subject of spring into summer, the great British highstreet is giving me so much life right now with their summer pieces. Particularly H&M. I'm finding that I have to physically restrain myself from buying everything I like - which is a lot!
Like I've said on numerous occasions, I have way too many clothes as it is, so I really shouldn't be adding any more to my life. I think if new purchases are to be made they have to be key staple basics that are timeless and actually quite sensible. Eeek, I sound like my mother!


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