Sunday, 12 April 2015

Life| March Roundup

It's quite frightening how fast this year is going. How is it April already when I remember New Year's Eve as vividly as yesterday? Scary ish man, scary ish. 
Anyways onto March: a very unnerving month for me unfortunately. The month started off with a bang. Literally. My poor Priscilla (my car) was written off after an accident one Monday morning. Thank God the kids and I walked away with just a few aches, pains and bruises, however the biggest impact has been the anxiety and stress caused by the whole ordeal - I'm nervous as hell every time I brave the wheel and the stress of dealing with the insurance company has been too much. 
Anywho, apart from that, March wasn't a total write off (pun intended!)

1. Retail therapy has been getting me through the month. These sexy boots were a New Look sale purchase and I'm completely besotted. Admittedly, they are not the most comfortable boots, although who cares about comfort when they look this good? I haven't worn them out yet which is annoying. I planned to wear them to Bloggers Love fashion week but with the crash and everything, it didn't happen. 
2. My Mother's Day gift were two deliciously scented Yankee Candles. The peach smoothie one is just the best. 
3. More footwear. This time from Zara. I justified buying them by convincing myself they were really from the kids for Mother's Day. 
4. Hurricane Naila. The chaos she causes is incomprehensible! She's here, there and everywhere; tugging, pulling and ripping. 
5. Avon products have always been on my on radar but I've only just started to take notice of their lipsticks. This plum matte shade is stunning and such good quality. Affordable too! 
6. Me! Wearing my badass H&M leather jacket that I adore. I loved this outfit that I posted on the blog and wish I could wear it daily. Khaki has been my go to colour at the moment and this dress in particular is ten-ten. 
7. So my bestie recommended these relationship books by Gary Chapman and to say my eyes have been opened is an understatement. Books on love and marriage aren't normally my thing, however I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about getting married or in a serious relationship. 
8. Naila's hair is getting so big and afrolicious! Her regimen remains the same and it's certainly working for her. She has a gorgeous head of curls and I can't wait till I can start doing different protective styles in her hair. 
9. More shopping! This cute Fiorelli bag was another treat to self. Fuchsia is not a colour I go for but I was after a bag that would be a welcome pop of colour to a more muted outfit. 

So for the month of April I'm looking forward to:
  • The two week Easter break
  • Getting a new car 
  • My mum's birthday
  • Healthy eating (hopefully!)


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