Friday, 3 July 2015

LIFE| April, May & June Roundup

I've certainly been slacking on the blog front lately! 
As apologetic as I am, I know this won't be the last time so I guess I shouldn't say sorry. Or should I? Saying life has been a rollercoaster is an understatement. There have been highs that could rival the highest point of Mount Everest and there have been lows as deep as... well, as deep as the deepest thing you can think of. 
However, I'm breathing, I'm living so overall I'm blessed. 
My life update posts have fallen by the wayside in the last three months, I know, but to ease me back into being this super amazing fashion blogger that I am in my mind, (Lol by the way. Totally a joke. I don't take myself that seriously. I promise!) I thought combining the last three month's shenanigans should make up for it. So here it goes!

 The first set of images were taken in April and May. I won't lie, I didn't do much so forgive the nothingness of the following:
1. Mint green tea. What a revelation. I have always turned my nose up at the green tea drinkers in my workplace, labeling their claims of awesomeness as just another pretentious fad; but boy did I eat my words (thoughts actually, I'd never really say that out loud). I pretty much lived off the stuff in the month of April and most of May. I've also acquired a taste for lemon green tea too. Mmmm.
2 My fro tho! She's getting so big. I loved having my hair out over the Easter period. It's really grown in length, thickness and lusciousness! I'm looking forward to wearing it out for the six weeks holiday and possibly beyond. Hopefully I'll figure out a few fro friendly styles that I'll feel comfortable rocking.
3. I love everything about this picture that was taken at my cousin's traditional wedding. I love capturing snaps of me and my little ones at family events, although I do feel all emotional and ish when I see how fast they grow up.
4. This denim button through mini made my month. Honestly! I love it, I really do.
5. I used to have the most gorgeous, longest, strongest nails once upon a time, now I'm lucky if I can go a day without one breaking off. It must have something to do with my diet. I've completely digressed. Back to the picture. I love this nail colour. It's a mixture of beige, grey and mauve and it's such a complimentary colour against my skintone. Love!
6. My hair adores the OGX macadamia oil shampoo.
7. Look at all those juicy curls? Naila's head of hair is also flourishing. Although she hates getting her hair done, all those hours spent fighting her do it is certainly paying off. I am hoping her long thick locks will continue to grow strong and healthy.
8. I attended Africa at Spitafields Market in the last bank holiday weekend of May. It was amazing. I spent a lot more than initially planned and I picked up these two gorgeous dollies in the process. How stunning are they? I love the fact that I was able to get one wearing kente cloth and another one in ankara as I felt they both represented Naila's Ghanaian and Nigerian heritage. The dolls weren't too bad price wise, even though my friend and I decided to barter with the seller and got it for an absolute steal!
9. One of my favourite bible verses is: Count it all joy even when things seem so wrong (my version, James 1:2, the original is slightly different). This verse has gotten me through many trials and tribulations and the picture was a nice reminder to see the blessing in every battle.
June, my birthday month, was far more colourful:
1. This picture was taken at Hop Farm and it was just a lovely family day out. The kids enjoyed the attractions, activities and animals, whilst the mister and I enjoyed seeing how happy they were. I'm definitely looking forward to more family outings in the coming weeks.
2. Thou shall eat cake - although I tried desperately to resist the copious amounts of cakes on display at work, this little beauty was too hard to resist. How pretty?!
3. My birthday face. Had a great day. Ate too much. Drank too much. Laughed too much. The best.
4. I'm not sure why I'd never attempted this before, but working out in my garden was simple amazing. The fresh air, the familiarity of it all was just what the doctor ordered.
5. Cocktails at Mahiki for a friends hen was amazing. I have to go back.
6. The mister and I at Wireless. It was a day filled with good vibes. Can't wait to go next year.
7. At Wireless again, but just me this time. I love the crotchet top I'm wearing from Primark. I almost didn't wear it as my stomach refused to cooperate and disappear for the day, however I loved the way it looked and I felt really confident in it.
8. A rare moment of silence was had on Monday when I went to Costa and just relaxed and enjoyed my own company. As much as I enjoy being chatty and sociable, there are times when I need to gather my thoughts together, reflect on the day's events and make important decisions - all of which I was able to that day.
9. Another Wireless moment with the crew. There is something about this 'shoes selfie' that holds a special place in my heart. It represents friendship, laughter and many memories and the fact that there is still so much more to come.
This month I'm looking forward to:
  • The Summer holidays!
  • Lovebox festival
  • Summer catch ups
  • Happiness
  • A new direction (cryptic, I know)


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