Tuesday, 25 August 2015

OOTD| Touch of Africa

Top: Africa in Spitafields Market | Jeans: Asos | Mules: New Look
I almost passed on this top from a designer at Africa in Spitafields Market back in May. Curt and cold, the designer seemed as if he couldn't be bothered to talk to me about his pretty pieces and his snappy replies to my questions made me feel as if I was bothering him. 
Maybe he was having a bad day or perhaps that was just his personality, however he didn't represent his budding business in the best light. I parted with my £10 for the top as swiftly as possible and didn't bother to try and remember his or his company's name.
Nevertheless, there's no denying that this top is right up my street. I love the vibrant Ankara fabric set against a subtle grey backdrop. I really want to get my hands on more African inspired pieces and plan to start getting outfits made more regularly in traditional fabric. I'm hoping to attend the next Africa in Spitafields market next week so fingers crossed I can get my hands on a few more unique pieces with an African twist. 

Can you believe it's already week 5 of the summer holidays? The back to work blues have already set in. I intend to really enjoy this last full week off with the kiddies and do as much fun 'stuff' as possible. 
What are your plans for the week?



Saturday, 22 August 2015

Personal | Why I blog - My Top 5 Reasons

Dress: Warehouse

Do you blog to get free stuff? What, so I guess you want to be an Internet star then? Are you trying to be a model or something? These questions and a whole host of other ridiculous ones are the norm when people find out about my blog. 
I should start off by saying that if you do blog for any of the aforementioned reasons and rewards, there's nothing wrong with that; I personally didn't embark on my blogging journey with that in mind. 
Blogging for me started off as an extra curricular activity, an escape from my mundane reality. Fashion has always been a big part of my life and writing another passion, so combining the two into a blog made sense. 

Fast forward four years and the reasons I continue to document the contents of my wardrobe and post snippets of my life and family extend further than my love of fashion and words; five of which I will tell you about now. 

1. It's mine
My ideas, my pictures, my thoughts and feelings. I love owning a small piece of the Internet and having total creative control over it. I am my own editor, photographer, researcher, writer etc...The dream for an ex wannabe fashion journalist. 
2. It's my very own online diary. 
In about 20 years from now when the present is a distant memory, I'm sure I'll still be able to conjure it up from the depths of the World Wide Web and reminisce about the good old days when I wore floral prints on a daily basis and minuscule skirts that often revealed a bit too much on a windy day. It's another way to keep my memories alive and I can show my kids - who will be adults then (eek) what their mum wore and all the shenanigans she got up to at their age. 
3. Interacting with like-minded people. 
A lot of my friends have no interest in fashion, style or beauty - well to the extent that I do anyway - so having a platform that enables me to interact with people who share my interests is perfect. The amount of virtual friends I've been able to make is unbelievable and getting invited to fashion events and mingling with fellow fashion fanatics is always fun. Interacting with other blogging Mamas is another bonus of blogging. Being able to read about and discuss the ups and downs of parenting through the eyes of other people, allows you to know that you're not alone and/or crazy! 
4. It's fun. 
For the most part anyway. Taking pictures and attempting to write witty words to match is the best part of it all (sometimes). I try to get the whole family involved whenever possible. Nathaniel is often my director, demonstrating the poses I should make. Naila... well, she makes taking pictures a lot harder but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
5. Learning. 
My photography and editing skills are improving by the minute. Words such as aperture and aspect ratio used to mean nothing to me. Slowly but surely, I'm starting to understand the technicalities of photography and how to use my SLR to its full potential. And not just for blogging purposes alone, I've actually developed a love for photography and am even considering taking a beginners course on the subject. 

There are obviously many negatives to blogging as well and I've seen all the bitchiness that tends to explode over Twitter from time to time. As far as I'm concerned though, it's not my business to get involved and as long as I stay true to who I am and don't get too preoccupied with 'making it,' I'm good!

What are some of your reasons for blogging? I'd love to know. 



Thursday, 20 August 2015

OOTD| Flaws and All

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Zara
There used to be a time in my life when you couldn't pay me to show my arms. Temperatures would rise above thirty and there I'd be with some sort of arm shield. 
Remember when shrugs were in fashion? Yeah, I had one to match every sleeveless item in my wardrobe! All because I had (and still have) stretch marks on the top of my arms and shoulders.
Looking back I can see how ridiculous I was, but try telling that to 14 year old me, heck even 18 year old me! I would have kissed my teeth and rolled my neck an told you about yourself lol!  It's only in the last few years I can say that my tiger stripes -as I like to call them- no longer bother me. 
Accepting the way I am and the way God made me is still a work in progress to be honest. There are days when I think I'm the hottest thing since BeyoncĂ© (lol!) and there are other days when I'm close to tears about the way I look. Nevertheless, I'm fairly confident most days and most importantly I appreciate my perfect imperfections. I wouldn't be me without them. 
Can you believe this dress was only £7 in the H&M sale?! I normally shop online at H&M but decided to venture into my local branch and it was literally the first thing I saw. It was meant to be. 


Sunday, 16 August 2015

OOTD| Persevering

Jumpsuit & Mules: New Look | Earrings: Primark

Perseverance. My new favourite word. 
Today's sermon at church struck a chord with me big time. It was all about perseverance. I'm the sort of person who gives up fairly quickly. I'm not saying I'm necessarily a quitter however, if something isn't working out like I want it to or things are taking longer than they should do, I'm the sort of person that says 'maybe it wasn't meant to be' or 'I ain't got time for that s**t!' 
Take my weight loss journey for instance, it was only a few posts ago that I mentioned I was thinking of accepting the weight I am now despite not being 100% comfortable with it; I talked myself into believing that a healthier and more toned me wasn't achievable so I stopped trying instead of persevering with a healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutritious food. I need to stop being that person and start being the sort of person that perseveres with things till the end - and not just in terms of my weight loss, but in all aspects of my life. 

Ok, now on to what I'm wearing. I promise I didn't mean to buy this jumpsuit when I went into New Look last week. I went to collect my delivery and on my way out I spotted this jumpsuit in the sale section and for a mere £8, it was meant to be. So the item I went to collect were these mules I am wearing. So the mule thing isn't to everybody's taste - I get that, but I for one am a huge fan. The mules were another sale steal too at only a tenner - and they're real leather! That's practically free as far as I'm concerned.



Thursday, 13 August 2015

OOTD| Tribalish

Shirt dress: Boohoo.com | Shorts: Dorothy Perkins | Sliders: H&M | Bag: H&M

Can we call this print tribal? Aztec perhaps? Whatever it is, I'm loving it. It was another Boohoo beaut I just had to have. This shirt/dress (whatever you want to call it) is going to take me right through autumn/winter and back again. I'm already picturing it paired with a little bodycon skirt underneath (it has a sheer back you see) and over the knee boots. Can you tell I'm so over this so called summer now?

I'm starting to realise I'm an emotional shopper. Majority of my online escapades occur after a stressful day or when I'm tossing and turning at a stupid hour of the night unable to sleep. This whole outfit was a product of a few sleepless nights and an argument with the Mister. Although there usually is an element of guilt that comes with my late night impulse buys, I must admit that nothing beats the feeling of receiving pretty parcels from Asos, H&M and now Boohoo.